The Moise Safra Center

When the Moise Safra Center opens in the fall of 2018, New York City will gain an exciting new destination in its cultural, social, educational, recreational and spiritual landscape. The state-of-the art facility on the Upper East Side will provide an inviting array of offerings, engaging members in a compelling mix of celebration and worship that will create a vibrant Jewish community in a class of its own. At the same time, the Center’s nurturing space will draw people from diverse Jewish backgrounds to share, grow, and learn.

Being Jewish is at the core of the Safra Center. It’s not simply an identity into which we are born; it’s a proud heritage to cherish. The community center’s model programming will foster Jewish values and promote an unremitting love of Israel. The Ohel Moshe Synagogue, nestled in the heart of the building, will serve as an open tent for both Sephardim and Ashkenazim while simultaneously embracing the Syrian Sephardic tradition. A smaller sanctuary and bet midrash will offer opportunities for study and reflection.

At the Safra Center, community means past, present and future, tradition and culture, belonging and giving – a safe, welcoming and nurturing haven. We will grow together over the years, celebrating family milestones (weddings, b’nei mitzvoth, graduation, bris’), attending and cheering at community sports events, and gathering at lectures and programs. Ashkenazim and Sephardim and who have traditionally flourished in their own spaces will come together, initiating a fresh, inclusive and contemporary conversation that will stretch and strengthen us. That dialogue will impart wisdom, enrich our lives, expand our relationships, and cultivate a groundbreaking community unmatched in New York City.

The fourteen-story center will also be filled with “stories” of another kind—those of our members, a sophisticated, warm, traditional yet open-minded community that hails from the U.S. and Israel to France, South America and beyond. A fusion of young and old, American and international, singles and families, we will explore culture and commonalities that will foster close bonds and respectful connections. Members will thrive in these surroundings, and have at their fingertips the best of yoga and dance studios, a wellness center, pool and gym, a culinary kitchen, social lounges, recreation rooms and a variety of spaces for arts and activities. Beyond the physical, the Center will be powered by people, its staff, rabbis and members, so that it serves as a joyous place both to pray and play.

Together we will strengthen ourselves and our community.

We welcome all levels of contributions. To make a general donation, click here. For more information about donations, including naming opportunities, please contact Merlene Anzaroot, Director of Special Projects, at 212-359-0700,